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Study abroad at Middlesex University

A brief introduction and history

Middlesex University is a prestigious public research university located in Hendon, England. The university has an extremely rich history and tradition of offering quality education on a wide range of subjects to students from all around the world. With the origins tracing as back to 1878, Middlesex has been around for some time. It was in the year 1992, after having merged with a number of institutes, that Middlesex came into existence in its current form and over the years, it has acquired a prominent position among the top universities in United Kingdom. Every year, a huge number of students from all around the world apply to Middlesex to pursue the course of their choice and avail good quality education while realizing their dream of studying in UK.

Middlesex University University Assignment Help

Located at half hour distance from London right in the heart of England, Middlesex is all that any student wishes for. Besides the campus that the university has in Hendon, there are campuses in Malta, Dubai, and Mauritius. It was in the last decade of the 20th century that the university had begun expanding its international presence when they had established their first overseas office in Kuala Lumpur. Gradually, the university grew into this fine institute with a global presence and student population that it is today. Middlesex University has risen steeply in terms of the prestige that is associated with its name along with the popularity of the university. Today, it has the reputation of being an institute that produces highly competent professionals, researchers, and experts.

Courses offered:

Middlesex University has a very wide and diverse range of course for the students to choose from. The approach to learning and research that the university follows is highly focused on practical experience, innovation, and thinking. No matter what course you choose to pursue here at Middlesex, by the end of it, you will get equipped with all the skills and knowledge that you’ll need to stay ahead in this extremely challenging world. The courses, curriculum, and pedagogy that the university follow have been carefully prepared to prepare the students for whatever the future has in store for them.

In addition to this carefully designed curriculum and pedagogy, the huge diversity and range of courses that Middlesex has to offer proves to be highly helpful for all the prospective students. If you are someone who is sure about what course to pursue or someone just sure about studying in UK but need to look around to finalize the course, then Middlesex is the place for you.

The university has been divided into as many as three faculties. These are:

  • Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries
  • Faculty of Science and Technology
  • Faculty of Professional and Social Sciences

Collectively, these faculties offer a huge number of courses across a number of departments. These courses include subjects like Accounting, Finance, Business and Management, Animation, Fine Art, Graphic Design, Fashion, Photography, Economics, Human Resources, Marketing, English and Creative Writing, Computer Engineering, Design engineering, Mathematics, Education Studies, Journalism, Healthcare Science, Nursing, Social Work, Medical Science and Technology, Biosciences, Law, Music, Psychology, Social Science, and many more. Thus, the university is a place for people of all interests and backgrounds.

Reasons for international students to choose Middlesex University

For students looking to study away from home, it takes a huge process to finally arrive at the decision of which college to go for, which ones to apply, and all the other similar decisions. United Kingdom is one of the most sought after study destinations in the world. It is because of the high number of top quality colleges and universities in this country. As helpful as this high number of top quality institutes is, it also leads to a great deal of confusion for the students looking to study in UK. The students find it difficult to decide which one is the perfect fit for them.

It is no secret that even the decision of choosing the discipline or subject area can have a really huge impact on the life of an individual in the long term. Choosing your college is anyway a bigger decision. When an early graduate enters the job market, the tag of their college is what decides the quality of opportunities that they get initially. Therefore, one cannot commit the mistake of taking this decision lightly. Moreover, it is even more difficult for the international students. Since the international students are from a different country, they obviously have access to less information as compared to the local students. The primary source that they have access to in order to gain information about a college is the internet. As helpful as it is, it cannot replace the experience of living in the same country since childhood and then learning about the institute.

The international students are always required to look deeper in order to make up their mind regarding an institute. However, when it comes to Middlesex University, you do not need to look much. There are plenty of reasons for the international students to attend Middlesex University. Here are a few of them:

  1. A truly global community

Middlesex University has a truly global experience on offer for all the students. Irrespective of which part of the world you come from, the university has an environment where it becomes really easy for you to map out the path to success. The university has a global community of students and academics, which proves to be extremely helpful for the students, especially the ones from abroad. Middlesex has a community of students and academics that includes people from as many as 145 countries of the world. Now, it is no secret that the international students have a lot of concerns and fears when they land in a new country. There is a sense of unfamiliarity and the looming fear of not being able to feel at home and welcome. In such a situation, this diverse student body acts as nothing less than a boon. When you walk through the doors of Middlesex University, you find that there is a huge number of students who have experiences in common with you. As a result, it does not take much time for the international students to begin feeling at home and comfortable on campus. Because of these common experiences, the international students can easily make friends and feel familiar on campus.

  1. Great Rankings

Rankings are really important for the students who are looking at an institute as their potential home for the next few years. In fact, the rankings of an institute is perhaps one of the first thing that the students look at when they choose an institute as a prospective home. The rankings play a highly important role and influences the decisions of all the students, especially the international ones. These rankings are easily available on the internet and help in forming an opinion. It is highly understandable that when a student leaves everything familiar to him and moves to a distant and different land, they would not want to do so to gain some ordinary education.
When you decide to attend Middlesex University, you do not need to do much to find that the institute has been awarded some great rankings. The London Times Higher Young University Rankings 2019 ranked Middlesex as a top modern university in UK. The university was also voted as a Top Modern University I London for Research Funding in the Research Excellence Framework. Therefore, as an international student, when you come to Middlesex University, you can rest assured that you will get access to high quality education and research opportunities across subjects.

  1. More than just education

At Middlesex University, the students get more than just education. Irrespective of what subject you choose to study at this prestigious institute, you won’t just study a subject but get to experience it. The courses have been designed in a way that all the students get equipped with all the skills and knowledge that they need in order to lead comfortable lives in their future. With the carefully designed curriculum, the students get to learn how the real world that lies outside the classroom, works. You get to learn through experiences and also make your own experiences at the same time. The university supports its students throughout their way and makes sure they do their best in the studies. With all the skills and knowledge that you get equipped with, you stand out in the community of your peers.
In simple words, the education at Middlesex University is not limited to classroom education but spans way beyond that. You do not learn any subject just to pass your examination or achieve a grade. Instead, you get equipped with skills and learn how to apply these skills in the real world and market in order to succeed.

  1. Support across areas

Middlesex University works on the belief that the students come first. As a result of this, the university’s administration and teaching staff is always there for the students whenever they need support. The faculty and staff is always there for the students to guide them through tough times. The support is not limited to just the issues related to your course but go beyond that. If you are facing problems in writing your assignment, there are experts that you can get in touch with. These experts help you write your best ever assignment. If you require some extra help with studies outside your class, these experts will help you with the same as well.
Moreover, it is quite well known that the life of a student is filled with issues and problems. These problems range from different areas like career, finance, students, health, and many more. At Middlesex, you get access to support in all these areas. The university offers counselling services, financial advice, childcare support, and much more. These support services are meant to make sure that no student struggles alone when they face any problem or issue during their stay on campus.

  1. A quality student life

The students of Middlesex University enjoy a high-quality student life. One of the primary reasons for this high quality is the high number of student groups, clubs, and societies. At Middlesex University, you have more than 85 student groups and societies. These societies and groups cover everything ranging from hobbies, religions, interests, nationalities to much more. Moreover, there are academic clubs as well that are related to different subjects that are taught at the university. These groups and societies serve the purpose of bringing together students who share interests, hobbies, beliefs, nationalities, or subjects. These groups help all the students but prove to be especially beneficial for the international students. Because there is a sense of unfamiliarity that the international students carry with them in the initial time that they spend on campus, these societies provide the comfort that the international students are always looking for. It is important for a student to have friends in order to be able to lead a happy and comfortable life on campus. These student groups facilitate these friendships effectively. They give the international students a chance to easily meet the students with common interests and goals and make friends easily. Such a high number of student groups also make sure that there is something for everyone on campus.

Therefore, if you are a student looking to study in UK, you would not want to miss out on applying to Middlesex University.

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