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Study Abroad at the University of Bristol

A Brief History and Introduction:

As the name suggests, the University of Bristol is a prestigious university located in the city of Bristol, England. Tracing its roots back to the University College, Bristol, that was established in the year 1876, University of Bristol is known for the top quality of education that it imparts to all its students. The institute was granted the university status in the year 1909 and since then, it has been producing quality professionals and graduates who leave their marks in different sectors and industries.

University of Bristol Assignment Help

With more than a century of an excellent academic tradition, the University of Bristol is one of the most popular choices in the UK for international students. The university has the vision of preparing students to see the world through an innovative lens and contribute to its development.

As a member of the highly prestigious Russel Group, this university has a truly excellent reputation for its research practices and opportunities on offer for the students. The research environment at the university is a highly inclusive and intensive one. For research, the University of Bristol follows a carefully crafted strategy keeping in mind the highly rapidly changing business environment around the world.
A century later than its establishment, this coveted university has a global presence and a student base that comprises individuals from all across the world. With strong bonds and links with industrial players, the university offers great employment prospects to all its students. In the recent past, Bristol has developed and come about to be recognized as a truly excellent place to study at.

Courses Offered:

At the University of Bristol, there is a huge range of courses and disciplines on offer for the students to choose from. Because of this wide range, the university naturally has a student population that is diverse in nature. There are individuals from all backgrounds and interests studying at this institute. In addition, because of such a high number of courses on offer, it becomes highly easy for students who are not very sure of what they want to pursue further. They get the chance to take a look at the available choices and then make their mind about what they want to do in their professional career.

All the courses that the University of Bristol offers to the students follow a carefully curated pedagogy and curriculum that focus on the all-round growth of individuals. These courses are offered at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level.

At the undergraduate level, there are more than two hundred courses on offer for the students to choose from. There are tens of them at the postgraduate level as well. These courses cover a number of disciplines and subject areas. Some of them are: Finance, Accounting, Management, Anthropology, Archaeology, Economics, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Biology, Business, Medicine, Physics, Chemistry, Classical studies, Engineering, Literature, Computer Science, Mathematics, Criminology, Data Science, Medicine, Dentistry, Education Studies, Film, French, Philosophy, Music, Law, Theatre, Geography, History, Liberal Arts, Social Science, Sociology, Zoology, and many more.

The university has been divided into as many as six academic faculties that are composed of multiple schools. These are:

  1. Faculty of Arts
  • School of Arts
  • School of Humanities
  • School of Modern Languages
  • Centre for Innovation
  • Centre for English Language and Foundation Studies
  1. Faculty of Life Sciences
  • School of Biochemistry
  • School of Biological Sciences
  • School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine
  • School of Psychological Science
  • School of Physiology, Pharmacology, and Neuroscience
  1. Faculty of Engineering
  • School of Computer Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Engineering Mathematics
  • School of Civil, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
  1. Faculty of Science
  • School of Chemistry
  • School of Earth Sciences
  • School of Geographical Sciences
  • School of Mathematics
  • School of Physics
  1. Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Bristol Dental School
  • Bristol Medical School
  • Bristol Veterinary School
  1. Faculty of Social Sciences and Law
  • School of Education
  • School for Policy Studies
  • School of Management
  • School of Accounting and Finance
  • School of Economics
  • Centre for Market and Public Organisation
  • School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies
  • University of Bristol Law School

Reasons for International Students to attend the University of Bristol

Deciding where to attend college is the most difficult and the most important decision that an individual takes in their academic life. There is a great deal of research that goes into finalizing this decision and being confident about it. It is really necessary and important for one to find some solid reasons to attend a college or university.

When it comes to the University of Bristol, one need not look much to find these reasons. There are many of them. Here are a few:

  1. Bright Career Prospects

The degree that you get from the University of Bristol is nothing short of a valuable asset. Many employers in and around the region consider a Bristol degree as a mark of academic excellence. The university is widely recognized as an institute that imparts top-quality education to all the students. As a result, the students go on to become efficient leaders in the careers and professions of their choice.

The University of Bristol has a dedicated Careers Service that is meant to provide assistance, advice, and information to all the students and help them realize what they really want to do in their lives. This service also organizes some of the largest careers fairs in the UK. The fairs and these dedicated services help the students get in touch with the best of the recruiters and get themselves a shot at the most coveted of jobs.
Moreover, studying abroad is a huge investment. For the students who come from parts of the world like Asia, studying in the UK turns out to be an even higher investment because of the difference in currency strengths. In such a scenario, it is imperative for students to look for colleges and universities that can offer them bright employment prospects. The University of Bristol satisfies this criterion perfectly.

  1. A Great Student Community

At the University of Bristol, you become the part of a great student community. The population that thrives on the campus of this university is truly global. The university is home to more than twenty thousand students from more than a hundred countries around the world. The university has always attracted some of the best and brightest students from around the globe. Because of this wide diversity in the student population, you get to study alongside young and bright minds from different countries. In addition, this diversity proves to be highly beneficial for the international students.

It is no secret that when someone leaves their home country and travels to another to stay for years, the fear of not being able to feel at home becomes a true companion. It can take a lot of time for a student to adjust and get used to the new environment, customs, values, and the general way of life. In such a condition, the diverse student population becomes a true ray of hope. As soon as you walk through the gates of the campus, you realize that there are thousands of students already there who you share these experiences with. As a result, it becomes pretty easy to feel at home in the university.

  1. An Excellent Location

As a student, you do not want to spend your quality years in a city that just houses your university and nothing else. In this regard, Bristol is a highly desirable location for students from all around the world.

Bristol is a highly vibrant and friendly city. It has something for the people of all tastes and backgrounds. You can always manage to attend some lively music session and arts scenes. There are a number of highly famous places to eat and drink. If you are someone who likes to shop, there is a fantastic variety of shops in the city.
It is no secret that the life of a student is always revolving around assignments and projects. It is imperative for one to grab any opportunity to spend some free time that comes their way. There are plenty of opportunities for the same in Bristol. There are more than 450 parks and open spaces where you can spend time. The city has a unique reputation as a green city. It was even named the best UK city to live in by the Sunday Times in 2014. Therefore, if you choose to study at the University of Bristol, you are probably making the right choice.

  1. Research-intensive learning

If you are a student who wishes to learn in a research-intensive environment, University of Bristol might be the place for you. At this coveted institute, the students are taught by internationally recognized academics and researchers who are experts in their respective areas. These faculties are highly involved in conducting quality research and making new discoveries. It is only natural that the students at the University of Bristol benefit from the latest ideas and challenges that the lecturers tackle in their research.in fact, the students can even undertake research projects of their ow during their studies.

The University of Bristol is widely known for supporting top-quality research across all the schools and centres that it houses. As an undergraduate student or a Master’s or Doctoral’s candidate at this university, you become the part of a group that offers world-class research opportunities and a supportive community. Over the years, the university has produced many renowned researchers who have conducted research that has had a quality impact on the world. As a student, you get access to a lot more than the conventional classroom education at the University of Bristol. Therefore, it is no surprise that thousands of students apply to this prestigious institute every year.

  1. Great Rankings

Rankings can tell you a lot about a college or university. When a student begins conducting research about an institute, rankings are probably the first piece of information that come up. In fact, they are one of the most reliable sources of information you can find regarding a university or college. These rankings are usually prepared by unbiased third-party organizations; and therefore, are highly reliable. The University of Bristol has always been grabbing some amazing rankings that appeal to students from all around the world.

The QS World University Rankings 2021 ranked the University of Bristol at the 9th spot in the list of UK’s top ten universities. According to the High Fliers Research 2021, Bristol is the seventh most targeted university by the employers- so you should not have any question regarding the employment prospects on offer. In addition to this, the Research Excellence Framework 2014 ranked the University of Bristol among the top ten universities for research in the United Kingdom. What these rankings do is that they instill a lot of confidence among the students who are looking to apply here. For the international students, these rankings matter even more as they provide a reliable view into the prestige associated with the university.

  1. A Quality Student Life

As soon as you join the University of Bristol, you become a member of the Students’ Union and enjoy a wide range of benefits. The life of a student at the University of Bristol is not just about classroom education, assignments, and projects. There is so much more to do and learn. The students’ union of the university offers everything that could complement the life of students on the campus. It would really help for you to know that there are as many as 390 societies, clubs, and student groups for the students to get involved in. Such a high number of clubs and societies simply means that there is something for everyone.

These clubs and societies cover everything ranging from debate, drama, dance, arts to football, music, and many more. The university has all the required facilities to help students pursue their interests. Moreover, out of these 390 student groups, as many as 55 discuss and celebrate different cultures. For instance, there is an Asian society, African & Caribbean Society, the Bollywood Dance society, and many others. As a result, the international students never feel that there is no place for them to stay connected with their roots and native culture.

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