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Study abroad at Loughborough University:

Established more than a hundred years ago in 1909, Loughborough University is a public research university located in Leicestershire, England. The university is often called Lough or Lboro and is a prominent choice among the students all around the world. The institute is known for the quality education that it offers to all the students who choose to study here.

Loughborough came into existence as the Loughborough Technical Institute and initially focused on imparting skills and knowledge that was highly applicable to the real world. It was in the year 1966 that the institute was granted university status. Ever since then, the institute has been rising in terms of prestige and popularity among the students. Every year, hundreds of students from all around the world apply to Loughborough University to pursue the course of their choice and avail high-quality education. Loughborough is widely renowned as an institute that produces graduates and professionals that survive the test of the market and succeed. With all the challenges that the competitive markets of today’s world put in front of the professionals, quality education has become critically important. At Loughborough, the students gain all the required knowledge and get equipped with all the skills required to succeed in their professional careers.

Courses offered:

One of the best parts about Loughborough University is that the learning environment has been designed in order to inspire participation. The courses and curriculum have been built with an aim to facilitate and stimulate innovation. When it comes to the courses that the university has on offer, there are a lot of diverse options for the students to choose from. The university offers courses at the bachelor’s level, graduate, and even doctoral level. With such a wide range of courses on offer to the students, it becomes easy for all kinds of applicants. Whether you are a student who knows what course you are going to pursue in future or someone who needs to look around and find some inspiration, the high number of courses help you explore your options and evaluate your level of interest in a particular discipline or subject area.

The Loughborough University is divided into as many as 22 academic schools and departments. It is a highly research oriented university. One can estimate how intensive and effective the research environment at Loughborough University is by the fact that there are more than a hundred research groups at the university. Moreover, Loughborough’s curriculum and pedagogy of courses is focused on the professional development of the students and candidates. For this, the university has more than 35 professional services teams on campus.

The 22 departments or schools of the university offer courses across a broad spectrum of disciplines. These areas and departments include Aeronautical Engineering, Biosciences. Architecture and Urban Planning, Architectural Engineering. Civil engineering, Business, Economics, Chemistry, Design, Literature, Creative Arts, Computer Science, Communication and Media, Geography, History, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, Sport Sciences, Natural Science, Mechanical Engineering, Politics, and many more.

Loughborough University University Assignment Help

One can just take a look at the long list of disciplines that the university offers courses in and come to the conclusion that Loughborough University is a place for people of all interests. In fact, one of the biggest reasons why Loughborough receives such a high number of applications from international applicants is this range of courses.

Reasons for international students to attend Loughborough University

The decision of going to college is a big one. Deciding where to attend college is one of the biggest decisions one has to take during their academic years. Even a decision as small as which discipline to go for can have really significant long-term implications for a student. Given the importance of this decision, it can yield a lot of stress, fear, and confusion for the students. It is highly important for a student to have quality education in today’s world, given the constant steep rise in competition in every career path. Hence, deciding where to attend college becomes even more important.

This decision is even more difficult for the international students as the only source of information that they have to enquire about an institute is the internet. The internet surely tells a lot but it cannot outdo the experience of living in the same country and knowing about the institute. This lack of information requires the international students to be highly cautious of their decisions and actively look for information.

In case of Loughborough university, you do not need to deal with lack of knowledge. There are plenty of reasons for the international students to attend Loughborough University. Here are a few of them to help you make up your mind:

  1. High Rankings

The rankings of an institute are the key piece of information that we all look for when we try to know more about it and look at it as our prospective home. Rankings are readily available on the internet and any student can get access to them. Moreover, they help the students make up their minds about the quality and prestige associated with the institute. When it comes to Loughborough University, the rankings are the best part about the institute. Some of the rankings that the university has managed to achieve in the recent years are mentioned below:

  • Ranked 5th in UK in the Table of Tables by Times Higher Education
  • Ranked 6th in UK by the Complete University Guide 2021
  • Ranked as Britain’s top university for the quality of student life by Lloyds Bank Survey
  • Ranked 7th in the UK by the Guardian University League Table
  • Ranked 1st in terms of Student Experience by the Times Higher Education
  • Ranked the Best University in the world for Sports-related subjects for the fourth consecutive year by QS World University Rankings
  • Ranked 5th out of as many as 134 UK universities in The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2020
  • Ranked in the Top 10 Research universities in England by the Research Excellence Framework.

There are several other rankings that the university has managed to achieve over the years. These rankings prove to be highly useful in instilling confidence in the applicants. One looks at these rankings and feel that Loughborough University is just the place that it promises to be and much more.

  1. Quality methods of teaching

The high quality of teaching that Loughborough University has to offer to its students is another reason for it to receive so many applications from the international pool of students. if you join Loughborough, you would be taught by some of the finest teachers in the world. You’ll find that the academics at Loughborough do not limit their teaching methods to just classroom teaching. They keep finding new ways and methods to teach and this is what results in the innovative environment that is characteristic of Loughborough University. The university attracts brilliant and outstanding teachers and academics from all over the world. The staff members at Loughborough University are experts and specialists in their fields of study with considerable amount of experience of teaching. These staff members are at the pinnacle of research in their subject areas. As a result of this, Loughborough has ranked very highly in terms of teaching quality in almost all the Government’s External Subject reviews and the national league tables as well. The institute has also been awarded the Gold standard in the National Teaching Excellence Framework. With such a high standard of teaching quality, it is only justified that Loughborough produces the fine graduates that it does.

  1. Environment for Entrepreneurship

If you are a student who likes to churn out business ideas and desire to take them forward, Loughborough University is the perfect place for you. The university is more than welcoming to enterprising students. It provides students with all kinds of opportunities in order to help them develop practical knowledge and explore their entrepreneurial talents. Loughborough University has an Enterprise Network that is dedicated to support the students at all stages of their journeys. Whether you are a student who has an idea or you already own your own little business, or even if you are someone who wants to develop skills in the area, Loughborough University connects you with the real world professionals or graduates and help you gain real-world experience.

Loughborough University has two dedicated Start-Up Labs that are specifically designed to support new businesses and help individuals grow and learn together. The university also has a dedicated incubator program for graduate startups. This program offers training to individuals and business development as part of the University’s Science and Enterprise Park. In addition to all of this, Loughborough University also offers competitions, workshops, startup funding, and so much more to support the enterprising spirit in the students.

  1. A highly welcoming community

When a student travels to a different country to study and live there for years, there are always fears and apprehensions involved. One of the biggest of these fears is that of not being able to feel at home in the unfamiliar land. Another of these fears is that of not being accepted and not feeling welcomed. Well, the students who come to Loughborough from different parts of the world do not need to worry about such problems. Life at Loughborough is nothing short of a delightful adventure. The university is home to approximately 18 thousand students from more than 130 countries from all around the world. Because of this diversity in the student population, the international students at Loughborough feel more than welcome. When they land on campus, they find that there are hundreds of students already there who have left their homes like themselves and have come so far. The international students share experiences and find that they are not the only ones away from home. As a result, it becomes drastically easier for them to make friends and feel at home. Moreover, the diversity makes it possible for the international students to feel comfortable and as a result, they can get the best out of their college lives.

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