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While you may be drowning with the pressure of your books, the world is currently drowned with numbers and is searching for best data scavengers. Scavengers may sound a bit odd, but the requirement of high quality of professionals in the field of data mining is very high. The companies are trying to collect as much of data possible, building pipelines for data extraction and adding huge servers every day but are also in dilemma of what they can achieve with their huge piles of data.

Data mining is a part of the umbrella term artificial intelligence- the next big thing that is in demand today. Amidst the chaos one university has fixed its spot in the field of artificial intelligence. The University of Sheffield has cemented its spot in artificial intelligence and is known for its methodologies and research across the world. The curriculum is set by the industry requirements, thus bridging the industry-academia gap.

University of Sheffield Assignment Help

Building a career in data mining is the trend in line, with companies hungry for new and dynamic individuals who have the passion for solving complex business problems along with numbers. Getting such people is difficult to find in this time, and hence a degree in Artificial Intelligence can open the door of opportunities for the recent graduates. Finding University of Sheffield assignment help for Data mining is not easy.

Apart from that, data mining has become an essential tool for management graduates too. A complex understanding of business and data is essential for any business and companies are in search of such raw talents. But before getting your hands dirty here are a few things you should know about data mining and the different aspects of the field.

Things you should know before getting into Data mining

Data mining is an interdisciplinary part of computer science that deals with machine learning, database systems and statistics. Its principal value depends on finding valuable insights and inferences from volumes of data. The science deals with a variety of algorithms along with software.

The field is a developing day by day, with many universities working on many complex algorithms to create better and faster algorithms. Most of the universities offer this course as specializations or many students choose it voluntarily. Working with special software and algorithms can be often difficult to work with and hence many students get stuck with their assignments for days if not weeks.

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What do data mining specialists do?

The main function of a data mining specialist is to combine the business processes with the fact-driven culture. Data mining specialists bring out actionable insights from a heap of data. This data is beautifully presented in forms of charts. The help organizations minimize risks and costs, discover new and emerging markets while helping the companies know better about the consumers. 

The skills required to become a data mining specialist include the following things:

  • Familiarity with data mining tools like NoSQL, Hadoop, SQL, and SAS.
  • Expertise in at least one programming language among JAVA, python or R.
  • Must be familiar with the Linux based operating systems.

RapidMiner and Data mining Assignments

RapidMiner is an essential software in the data mining arena. From predictive analysis to text mining the software can do it all. With the addition of new analytical methodologies each day, the company tries to keep the software as useful and relevant every day. A basic course on the RapidMiner will help you to understand the basics of the software and would help you gain a bit of expertise as you go along the way.

The tasks of a data miner can be easily broken down with seven steps. Here are the following steps that will help you understand the basics of the software.

  1. Data loading – This is the basic step of the entire data mining process in which the data is collected from different sources and is finally loaded to the software for analysis.

  2. Data Pre-processing – After the data has been loaded into the software, it is now cleaned, and healthy data is being prepared for further developments.

  3. Data Transformation – The data is transformed into the required format for easier modeling of it. It is essentially making sure that the data is smooth and perfect for the next step in data mining.

  4. Modeling – Different models are being applied to the data to check which model fits the best. Over-fitting is a huge issue and is avoided at all cost.

  5. Visualization – In this step, the inferences are presented in beautiful formats in forms of different charts like pie graph, scatter plots and other beautiful forms.

  6. Evaluation – The inferred data is then evaluated, and a percentage for accuracy is predicted for the model.

  7. Deployment – Finally, the model is deployed, and the next projects begin again following the same steps.

Why should you use RapidMiner for your assignment?

  1. The program is code free and is completely visual.
  2. The program is available on every platform.
  3. The software integrates well with all the data sources seamlessly.

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