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Study Abroad at the University of Bradford

A Brief History and Introduction

Located in the city of Bradford, West Yorkshire, England, the University of Bradford is a prestigious public research university. The university traces its history to the year 1832 and gained the university status in the year 1966.
With over 50 years of academic excellence and tradition, the university has been growing continuously and gaining international reputation. As a university, Bradford has been pioneers in introducing new courses and subjects including different modes of teaching. In this approach, the university has always taken into account the needs of the market, industry, and employers.

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University of Bradford has a truly excellent reputation in terms of its research practices and opportunities. The research strategy of the university has been carefully designed and crafted keeping in mind the constantly changing business, scientific, social, and environmental scenario of the world.
Today, the University of Bradford has a truly global presence. Its associations and networks span across the globe. Over the years, it has forged links with leading local and national recruiters and employers. In addition, the university has strong relations and links with academic partner institutions and the World Technology Universities Network. Ever since its inception, the University of Bradford has been strongly focused on the creation, widespread dissemination, and implementation of knowledge for the benefit of the entire world.

Courses Offered:

The University of Bradford has a wide range of courses on offer for the students to choose from. This wide range of courses ensures that the university has a global student population with individuals from all backgrounds, interests, and beliefs. Moreover, when there is such a huge variety of courses on offer, it proves to be really helpful for the students who are unsure about which path to take in their professional career. This range allows them to have the luxury of choice and places in front of them a wide gamut of choices.

All of these courses are offered with a pedagogy and curriculum that lays emphasis on the overall development of individuals. The university has always had a strong focus on providing and imparting more than conventional classroom education. At the undergraduate level, the University of Bradford offers as many as 355 courses. At the Postgraduate level, the university has taught degrees, research degrees, and much more on offer for the students to choose from.

These courses cover subjects and disciplines such as Accounting, Finance, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Communication, Pharmacy, Mechanical Engineering, Archaeology, Analytics, Data Science, Business, Management, Law, Chemical Engineering, International Studies, Clinical Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Marketing, Diversity, Medicine, Economics, Film and Television Production, Game Design, Graphics, Healthcare, International Business, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Social Sciences, and many more.

These courses are offered through as many as four faculties. These faculties are:

  1. Faculty of Engineering & Informatics
  2. Faculty of Health Studies
  3. Faculty of Management, Law, and Social Sciences
  4. Faculty of Life Sciences

Reasons for International Students to Attend the University of Bradford

When it comes to international students, the process of deciding where to attend college is highly cumbersome and difficult. The local students are always at an advantage when it comes to choosing their college because of their location. They obviously know the ground reality and are better informed and in turn a better position to make decisions. Moreover, the country that a student chooses as their study destination also plays a big role in deciding the difficulty of decision.

It is no secret that United Kingdom is one of the most sought-after study destinations on the face of Earth. The reason behind this is that the country is home to many of the finest institutions of the world. Although this high number of elite and world-class colleges and universities make United Kingdom an obvious choice, it also makes the process of choosing a college all the more difficult.

Anyway, deciding where to attend college is never easy. It is the most important and thus, the most difficult decision that a student makes in their academic life. This decision goes on to shape and decide the quality of all opportunities that an individual gets in their life forward. As a result, it would prove to be a costly mistake to take this decision lightly. For the international students especially, there are a lot of fears and concerns involved.

However, this is not the case when it comes to the University of Bradford. The students do not need to dig very deep to find concrete reasons to attend this university. There are plenty of them. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. A Global University

The University of Bradford is nothing short of a global institute. As a student, you should know that life in a college is not just about classroom education. Instead, a major part of learning that happens in college or university is based on the peer-to-peer experience. This is why the kind of student population that lives on the campus of a university or college is highly important. At the University of Bradford, the student population is made up of more than as many as ten thousand students. These students study in the UK as well as overseas. It would help for you to know that the university is home to students from more than 130 countries from all across the world.

What this huge diversity does is that it allows the students, especially the international ones to settle well on the campus quickly. As an international student, when you land in a new country, the fear of not being able to feel at home is always an accompaniment. At the University of Bradford, the you get to live with thousands of students who have had similar experiences as yours and have had the same fears. As a result, you make friends easily and can feel comfortable enough to concentrate on your studies.

  1. An Amazing Student Life

The life of a student revolves around pressure, deadlines, and assignments. There is always so much to do and a student is always lagging behind on something or the other. Therefore, at times, it becomes extremely important for the students to relax and enjoy their college years. This is where the University of Bradford lives up to all the expectations.

Every student at the University of Bradford is already a member of the Students’ Union. This union provides everything possible to complement the life of students on campus. There are opportunities in sports, societies, media activities, volunteering, and much more for the students to grab.

There are a lot of student societies and clubs that operate on the campus. These societies cover everything ranging from dance, debate, drama, arts, and many more. Moreover, the university has state-of-the-art sports facilities for the students to utilize. There are as many as 25 sports clubs at the university which are open to all students, regardless of their experience with the sport. Therefore, if you are someone who wants to explore options in sports or learn different skills and activities, University of Bradford is the place for you. Also, these clubs and societies provide an easy environment for you to make friends and feel comfortable.

  1. Great Employment Prospects

Studying abroad is a very big investment- financially as well as in terms of time. For the students who come from parts of the world like Asia, studying in UK is especially a huge investment- as the difference in strengths of currencies come into play. This is why these days, while choosing the college or university that one is to attend, it has become more than imperative for the student to look at the employment prospects on offer. This is where the University of Bradford stands out for the students.

At the University of Bradford, the students get access to a wide range of magnificent work placement opportunities. The university has a strong and longstanding track record of its graduates acquiring critical professional and managerial positions. If you are looking to attend the University of Bradford, it would really help for you to know that as many as 94 percent of the graduates go into work or further study options within the first six months of their graduation.
Moreover, when a student travels to a distant land and stays there for years, they do not do so for an education that won’t offer them good jobs. Therefore, these good job prospects appeal to a huge pool of international students from all over the world.

  1. More than Classroom Education

The University of Bradford is focused on providing the students a highly enriching environment. This is why the authorities have made sure that the education imparted here is way more than just classroom education. Although the conventional methods are followed, the education system here does not end at these methods. All the courses offered at the university, at all levels, have been carefully designed in a way that the students get to live in a practical environment and can develop an entrepreneurial mindset. In fact, the university strongly supports entrepreneurship among the students and graduates and takes all the necessary efforts to help them shape their future.

The teaching methods carefully shape the students and inspire them to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. This is the reason why all the graduates produced by the University of Bradford are already equipped with all skills and knowledge that they would need once they go out into the professional world. Over the years, the university has successfully produced professionals who have been recognized as highly reliant, competent, and inquisitive in nature. Therefore, if you are a student who is looking to gain more than the conventional classroom education, the University of Bradford is a really good choice for you.

  1. Great Rankings

Rankings are one of the truest indicators of how well the university performs and the kind of education it has on offer. In fact, when a student stumbles upon a college and looks at it as a potential home, the first thing that they do is look at the rankings. Rankings play a huge part in the decision making of students when it comes to deciding the college or university. The University of Bradford satisfies all the requirements in terms of the reputation and prestige. It has always been able to grab high rankings. It has been ranked at the 106th spot in the Times University Guide 2021. The Guardian University Guide 2021 ranked the university at the 99th spot in the world. Because of the strong reputation that the university has for research, it is ranked at the 49th spot in the UK in terms of research funding. As much as 40 percent of the case studies of Bradford University are ranked world-leading. The university is among the top 4 in the United Kingdom for Chemical Engineering by the Guardian University Guide 2020. These rankings prove to be really helpful as they instill a lot of confidence in the students, especially the ones coming from abroad.

  1. High Quality of Teaching

When you come to the University of Bradford, you become the part of a tradition of academic excellence that is decades-old. The teaching quality at this university is of the highest degree- which is evidenced by the quality of graduates that it has produced over the years. At the University of Bradford, the students get to study and learn at the hands of industry and academic experts. These are professionals who are shaping the future of their respective industries and sectors. The curriculum for each course has been carefully designed with valuable inputs from these industry experts and partners. This loosely means that all the students of University of Bradford gain the skills and knowledge that is valued by recruiters and have professional value.

There are many courses taught at the university that have successfully gained professional, statutory, or regulatory body accreditation and approval. Thus, the University of Bradford gives you the start that you need in your career. It helps you acquire all the skills and knowledge that you will need when you entre the real world out there. It prepares you for all the challenges that the market puts in front of you.

With all these qualities, characteristics, and rankings, it is no surprise that the University of Bradford is so popular among the international students.

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