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Study abroad at Manchester Metropolitan University

A brief introduction and history:

With origins dating as much as two centuries back, Manchester Metropolitan is a public university located in Manchester, England. The university came into existence as the Manchester Mechanics Institute in the year 1824. For many years, Manchester Metropolitan University has been a prominent choice for all the students who look to study in England. It is widely known for the quality of education that it provides to the students who land up at its doors. Every year, hundreds of students from all over the world apply to the university and realize their dream of pursuing quality higher education.

In its initial phase, the university was located on as many as seven sites. It was later that the institute closed two of its campuses. As of now, the university operates from two campuses, namely All Saints Campus and the Birley Campus. Over the years, the university has risen a lot in terms of the prestige associated with its name. Today, it is a renowned and a desirable institute for students all around the world. It is widely renowned as an institute that produces highly competent professionals. The rigor and the carefully designed curriculums across courses help students get equipped with all the skills and knowledge that they need to survive the test of time.

Manchester Metropolitan University University Assignment Help

Courses offered:

The learning and teaching methods at Manchester Metropolitan University has been designed to inspire innovation and make an impact on the world. When it comes to the courses, the university has a lot to offer. It would not be exaggeration to say that Manchester Metropolitan University has something for everyone. There is a huge diverse range of course available for the students to choose from. These courses are offered at all the levels including undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral, and even continuing education. With such a wide range of courses, it becomes really easy for all the applicants to find or choose the course of their choice at the university. If you are a student looking to study in UK but unsure on which course to choose, the high number of courses on offer allows you to explore and then decide.

The university is divided into as many as five faculties. These are:

  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  • Faculty of Business and Law
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Health, Psychology, and Social Care
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering

These faculties are further divided into as many as 32 schools and departments which offer hundreds of courses across a number of disciplines and subject areas. These disciplines include accounting, finance, acting, drama, Design, Biomedical Sciences, Business and Management, Digital Arts, Economics, Chemistry, Computing, Engineering, Education, Fashion, Geography, History, Health, Marketing, Law, Linguistics, Mathematics, Journalism, Sociology, Psychology, Sport, and many more.

Reasons for international students to attend Manchester Metropolitan University:

There is hardly any decision as important as big as that of choosing the college in a person’s academic life. It is certainly not an easy one. Deciding the discipline or the subject area can also have a huge impact on your life in the long term. Since this decision is so important, the students can end up having a lot of stress, confusion, and fear. It is quite known that there is nothing as important as quality education in today’s world. The competition in the markets is rising constantly and the individuals without a degree from a prestigious institute find it really difficult to make it in the market. Hence, the importance of this decision has increased by a huge extent.

This decision becomes even more difficult for the international students. When it comes to international students, the only source of information for them to know about a college is the internet. However, the web cannot replace the experience of living in the same country as that of the college. Hence, the international students have to look harder to know more about the college. However, in case of Manchester Metropolitan University, one need not look anywhere else. There are plenty of reasons why you would want to choose Manchester Met. Here are a few of them:

  1. A truly international community

At Manchester Met, you get to be the part of a truly global and international student community. As a student looking at this coveted institute as your prospective home for the next future years, you would be thrilled to know that there are more than 3000 international students from as many as 130 countries from across the world studying at Manchester Met. What this means is that when you come to Manchester Metropolitan, you give yourself the chance to gain an amazing experience and join a community like no other. Moreover, when a student leaves all that is familiar to them and moves to another country, there are bound to be fears and confusions. The biggest out of all these fears is that of not being able to feel at home. With such a diverse student population, Manchester Metropolitan is all set to provide you the homely feeling that you are looking for, right from the very first day. As soon as you walk through the university gates, you realize that there are plenty of students around who you have experiences in common with, and thus, it becomes really easy for you to make friends and feel at home.

  1. Excellent Teaching

Studying abroad is a big investment, both in terms of money and time. One wouldn’t want to do that for anything less than top quality education. That is exactly what you get at Manchester Metropolitan University. Manchester Met is known for the quality of education that it offers to the students who knock its doors. The university is widely known for its teaching excellence. In fact, the academic quality of the university has been recognized with the Silver Award in the Teaching Excellence Framework. The quality of education at Metropolitan Met is one of the primary reasons for so many international students applying here. It is no secret that high-quality education is always sought after in this world. With the rise in competition across industries in the markets all over the world, it is necessary for everyone to have quality education to be able to successful. Manchester Met is known for creating graduates who are competent enough in their desired skill that they overcome all the challenges and obstacles that the markets put in front of them. Moreover, with such a high-quality education on offer, the students at Manchester Met gain an extremely enriching experience during the time that they spend on campus.

  1. Great rankings

For any international student looking to study in a top university, the rankings of an institute play an important role. Rankings are the perhaps the primary information about an institute that a student looks at. They are readily available on the internet and prove to be highly effective for the students to form an opinion and make their mind about the university. While deciding where to attend college, looking at the rankings can prove to be more helpful than one would expect. When you look at the rankings for Manchester Met, you don’t need to look anywhere else. It is ranked one of the top 200 universities in the world among the universities more than 50 years old by the Times Higher Education Young University Rankings 2020. Moreover, Manchester Met is also ranked among the top 3 percent universities in the world. All these rankings really instil a lot of confidence in all the students around the world who look at Manchester Met as their future home. They also act as a testament for the high quality of education that the university is known for.

  1. A range of scholarships

For an international student looking to study in UK, the costs involved can prove to be a huge obstacle. In fact, a lot of students around the world drop their dream of studying abroad because of the huge costs involved. These costs remain a hurdle irrespective of the study destination for the students around the globe. With the high tuition fees involved in all the courses offered at the reputed universities and colleges in UK and everywhere around, any other expenditure becomes a luxury for the students. At Manchester Metropolitan University, the belief is to help as many students as possible to realize their dream of continuing their education abroad. To make this possible, Manchester Met offers a wide range of generous international scholarships for the students. These scholarships are for as much as 5000 pounds. The students can apply and get shortlisted for these valuable scholarships according to the criteria. What these scholarships do is that they lower the burden on the students in terms of manging their finance. Moreover, it allows a greater number of students to live their dream of studying at Manchester Metropolitan University.

  1. Career Services for Lifetime

When you join Manchester Metropolitan University, you initiate a relationship and an association that lasts a life time. This is perhaps the most unique thing about Manchester Met. The institute offer career advice and services to all the students for their entire life time. These lifelong career services prove to be extremely helpful for the students, and especially for the international ones. When a student moves to another country to pursue higher education, there is always a factor of not feeling at home. Because of this, at times, the students need a little push to succeed or to feel at par with all the local students. If you are looking for an institute that do not just provide good quality education, but also make sure that you get the best opportunities in your long term career as well, then Manchester Metropolitan is one of your best bets. The university has been known to produce quality graduates that succeed across all the industries and verticals. This longstanding record coupled with the lifelong services prove to be one of the primary reasons for the university to have gained such a prestige and reputation over the years.

  1. Quality employment prospects

Employment is the ultimate aim of higher education. As already mentioned, studying abroad is a huge financial investment for students of almost all the countries. With so high costs of living and tuition fees involved, availing education loans has become more and more common around the world. As a result, it is imperative for the students to make sure that they land in an institute that offers good employment prospects. Getting jobs has become the ultimate aim of higher education today. The education loan is always there looming over the heads of the students. However, the students of Manchester Metropolitan University do not need to worry about their job prospects. It would help to know that as many as 93 percent of the graduates of Manchester Metropolitan University begin working or join further studies within the first six months of the graduation. It instils a great deal of confidence in the thousands of students who wish to study in Manchester Metropolitan University. This high percentage works to make the students feel safe and believe that if they work hard, they will be able to get the job of their dream.

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