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Study Abroad at the University of Bedfordshire

The University of Bedfordshire is a renowned public university located in Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire, England. With roots that go as back as the year 1882, Bedfordshire has a tradition of excellence and imparting a high quality of education to all the students who land up here. It was more than a decade later, in the year 1992, that it got the university status. Ever since then, the university has come a long way and gained high prestige and popularity among the pool of international students all around the world. Today, the university is home to more than twenty thousand students from all around the world and successfully prepares the students with all the knowledge and skills to survive in the professional world.

University of Bedfordshire Assignment Help

University of Bedfordshire is spread across as many as six campuses. Four out of these six campuses are located in Bedfordshire- in Luton, Bedford, and two campuses in Buckinghamshire- in Aylesbury and Milton. Bedfordshire is known for the kind of research opportunities that it provides to the students. With a diverse range of courses available at the university, the institute commands a high appeal to students from all interests and areas. Every year, the university receives a high number of applications from students from across the world who are looking to study in the United Kingdom. Keeping this trend in mind, it is only likely that the number of applications from international students are bound to increase.

Courses offered:

As mentioned above, the University of Bedfordshire is a place that is suitable for students of all backgrounds and interests. The reason for this is the huge range of courses that are on offer for the students to choose from. This also helps in shaping the quality of student population that lives and thrives on the campus. It is no secret that the number of courses or the kinds of courses on offer at a university plays a huge role in shaping the student population. As a result of the diversity in courses, the university is home to students from various backgrounds and interests.

The University of Bedfordshire is divided into as many as four faculties. These are: Technologies and Science, Education and Sport, Health and Social Science, and Creative Arts. Through these four faculties, the university offers as many as 221 courses at the undergraduate level and a high number of courses at the Postgraduate level as well. Some of the subject areas that the university offers through its courses are Accountancy, Acting, Nursing, Agriculture, Animal Science, Animation, Education, Art & Design, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Engineering, Biomedical Science, Biological Science, Business, Management, Administration, Economics, Computer Science, Networking, Construction, Journalism, Criminology, Creative Writing, Cyber Security, Finance, English, Psychology, Linguistics, Literature, Fashion, Film & Television, Graphic Design, Health, Social Science, Sports, and many more.

In addition to this, the University of Bedfordshire also has a Business School. Moreover, there are several centres of excellence and centres for Academic Partnerships at various locations around the world. For instance, the university has regional representatives in different parts of India, located in cities like Hyderabad, Baroda, Chandigarh, and Chennai.

Reasons for International students to attend the University of Bedfordshire

If you are planning to study in the United Kingdom, you know that it is not an easy decision. In fact, deciding where to attend college and which colleges or universities to apply to is perhaps the most important and difficult decision that an individual takes in their academic life. This is a decision that goes ahead to determine the quality of all the opportunities that one gets in their life ahead. Therefore, one cannot commit the mistake of taking this lightly. In addition, it is no secret that the process- right from choosing colleges to taking admission can prove to be the source of a lot of stress and confusion. The market and the business world are becoming increasingly difficult and competitive with each passing day. There is no space for individuals with average skills. Therefore, it is critical for the students to ensure that they gain quality education and acquire important skills.

For the international students, the process of applying to colleges and deciding which ones to apply to is even more difficult. They are at a disadvantage as compared to the local students because of their location. There is a disparity in the level of information about colleges and universities.

However, when it comes to the University of Bedfordshire, the process is fairly simple. As an international student, you do not need to look very far to find reasons to attend the University of Bedfordshire. There are many reasons for one to do so. Here are a few of them:

  1. Great Facilities

At the University of Bedfordshire, you get access to state-of-the-art facilities. The university has made an attempt to make sure that the students get access to everything that they need on their path to development. The resources that are at your disposal proves to be a huge factor in the kind of learning experience you have during your college years. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that the University of Bedfordshire has got everything to give you the experience of a lifetime. The learning resources that the university has on offer are of excellent quality. The libraries at the Bedford campus and the Luton campus are open at all times of day to ensure that the students can study in peace whenever they wish to. There are digital libraries on offer to make sure that the chain of information supply does not get broken. Across all the campuses, the university implements continued investment and development in order to ensure that all the facilities are absolutely modern and state-of-the-art. In other words, as an international student, when you land at Bedfordshire, you avail yourself the opportunity to learn and grow by working with great resources and facilities.

  1. Amazing Teaching Quality

When a student looks for studying opportunities in a different country, they are surely not looking for average-quality education. Each and every one of us wants to study at the hands of the best professors and gain the best possible quality of education. And that is exactly what you get at Bedfordshire. The faculty members at the University of Bedfordshire are the experts of their fields and have tons of experience. Many of these highly experienced and qualified staff members have even received National Teaching Fellowship Awards.
This great quality of teaching prepares you to face the real world. It helps you learn all the skills you require to lead successful career. The university has been a leader among institutes and is widely renowned for imparting top quality education to all the students who land up here. The research that the university conducts and produces is world-leading. Over the years, the university has had a direct and significant societal, cultural, and economic impact on society and the entire world. Therefore, if you are a student who wishes to proceed forward on the path to conduct good research or just gain quality education, the University of Bedfordshire is the place for you.

  1. High Employability Prospects

Studying abroad is a huge investment- in monetary terms as well as in terms of time. There are many factors that one needs to consider during this process. One of the biggest factors is that of employability prospects. With sky-high tuition fees that most of the colleges and universities across the world charge for higher education, it is imperative for one to get good employability options. At the University of Bedfordshire, a host of courses offered are accredited by professional bodies like the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, Chartered Management Institute, The Health and Care Professionals Council, Qualified Teacher Status, and the Institute of Biomedical Science.
The university has strongly rooted links with more than 4,000 coveted organizations. These links translate into quality job opportunities for the students. The Student Internship Scheme run by the university has been carefully crafted to help the students develop a range of skills and enhance their personality by gaining exposure to the real world. In addition to all this, the university runs a dedicated Careers and Recruitment Service that helps the students with everything ranging from career dilemma, preparing for the interviews, CVs and much more. Thus, you get access to the best employment options at Bedfordshire.

  1. A Diverse Student Population

College life is not just about classroom or conventional education but way more than that. The experience that the student has on campus builds a huge part of the education. Peer-to-Peer learning is something that matters a lot. And it is no secret that peer-to-peer learning is driven and shaped by the student population that lives on campus. In this respect, the University of Bedfordshire satisfies all the expectations of the students. It would really help you to know that the University of Bedfordshire is home to as many as 24,000 students. Every year, as many as 4000 international students choose to call Bedfordshire their home.

What this diversity in the student population does is it gives you the perfect setting to be comfortable. As an international student, when you leave your home country and travel to a new one, there are multiple fears, confusions, and apprehensions involved. The biggest of these fears is that of not being able to feel at home. However, since there are students from so many backgrounds at Bedfordshire, you get to share these experiences with a lot of peers. As soon as you land on campus, you get to feel at home, be comfortable, and concentrate on your studies.

  1. More than just a degree

When you study at the University of Bedfordshire, you do not sign up for just classroom education. In fact, you get way more than that. Studying at the University of Bedfordshire is nothing like studying at other institutes. Here, you do not just earn a degree but do much more than that. The university offers all the students a highly nurturing and supportive environment. This environment has been carefully designed in a way to ensure that the students can easily develop into a highly employable and educated citizen with a high entrepreneurial acumen. The process at the University of Bedfordshire is that of mutual trust and development. The opportunities that the university has in store for you help you shape your careers and in turn, your development shapes the future of the university.
The University of Bedfordshire understands that the world is moving forward and changing at a highly rapid pace. There is no space for complacent and incompetent people in the market. This is why the university lays a huge emphasis on real-world education and helping the students get equipped with all the skills and knowledge that they are going to need out there in the real world and market.

  1. Key Location

When you go to college or university, the primary aim is to get quality education and move ahead in your career. However, this is not the only objective. As a student, you obviously want to have some fun at times. The life of a student is always revolving around assignments, homework, and projects. There is hardly any time to relax. However, whenever the students want to enjoy, it should be possible. This is easily possible for the students at the University of Bedfordshire. The university has close links to the city of London. The Luton and Bedford campuses are on the direct line that goes to London St. Pancras International. For any student living in Bedford and Luton, it takes only 40 minutes and 22 minutes respectively to reach London on a fast train. The main campus of the university in Luton is located very close to the London Luton Airport. Moreover, all the campuses of the university are easily accessible by road. What this does is gives the students a chance to visit London whenever they find some free time and want to enjoy.

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