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Study Abroad at the University of Hertfordshire

A Brief History and Introduction

Previously known as Hatfield Technical College, the University of Hertfordshire is a state university located in the UK, established in 1952. This university's origins are largely in aeronautical engineering. The Ministry of Education designated it as a regional college in 1961. In 1992, the British government elevated this college to university status. Numerous research centers are located in the university in areas such as health and human sciences, arts and humanities, and science and technology.

The University of Hertfordshire is a forward-thinking, employability-focused school situated just 25 minutes north of Central London with easy access to King's Cross Station. The University has been awarded the coveted Gold Teaching Excellence Framework, demonstrating its contribution to the overall learning experience with both domestic and international students.

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Hertfordshire is a business-focused university, which ensures they integrate industry expertise into the program, collaborate with professional organizations, and support hundreds of students per year on industrial placements at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Hertfordshire is home to almost 25,000 pupils, including 5,000 international students. This means that over 90 different nationalities may be represented on campus at any given time, leading to a diverse student body and transforming campuses into melting pots of diverse cultures and customs. Hertfordshire is fortunate to be home to an internationally diverse culture and invests extensively in campus infrastructure to ensure that students feel at home.

The university has produced a number of prominent graduates who have achieved distinction in their fields. Tony Banham is the Founder and Executive Director of the Hong Kong War Diary Project. Helen Lederer is a well-known actress and stand-up comic. Darell Leikin, Malaysia's Minister of International Trade and Industry, graduated from the University of Hertfordshire. General Motors Auto Executive is Chris Gubbey. Upen Patel is a critically acclaimed actor and model. Kate Bellingham, a BBC host, is a well-known alumna of this university. Additionally, it has produced numerous eminent sports figures, including Ajaz Akhtar, a British cricketer, and Noah Cato, a rugby union player.

Courses Offered at the University of Hertfordshire

At the University of Hertfordshire, as many as 250 undergraduate courses are available for the students to choose from. Modules are structured to impart academic philosophy as well as the functional skills necessary for jobs available on a part-time or distance learning basis.

Numerous courses allow students to study abroad for three months, a semester, or even an entire year. The university has relationships with universities around the world, including those throughout the United States of America, Canada, Latin America, South Africa, China, Korea, and Japan, as well as those in South East Asia and Australia. This is an excellent chance for students to learn about a different world and extend their global network while also developing their language skills. Additionally, students have the option of completing a year-long job placement related to their program of study, which provides graduates with a year of a global college experience and business practice.

Students at the University of Hertfordshire are taught through workshops, conferences, and tutorials, as well as through multimedia tools made accessible through the university's online learning network, StudyNet. Courses differ in their assessment processes but can include essays, assessments, coursework, community, and thesis projects.

Additionally, the university has many research areas that are equipped for quiet or group study. These are available on both campuses and allow students to research comfortably in between lectures.

Reasons for international students to study at the University of Hertfordshire

  1. Exceptional Quality of Teaching

The University of Hertfordshire has been given Gold status in the Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework, indicating that the institution is among the best in the country. They are well-known for continually providing exceptional instruction, learning, and results for the students.

What does this mean for a student? That is, they prepare you for the working world. You should not have to take their word for it; over 96.5 percent of Herts graduates find work within six months of graduation. Even greater, 78 percent of graduates who are already employed are in technical or administrative jobs.

The University of Hertfordshire's Academic Quality Improvement and Enhancement approach seeks to ensure that the student experience is underpinned by reliable and efficient quality assurance mechanisms, as well as processes that promote experience enhancement.

It is derived from the University's Strategic Plan, which expresses the institution's dedication to teaching and learning excellence. The Centre for Academic Quality Assurance supports the University's operational quality assurance systems (CAQA).

The learning climate reflects Herts ongoing commitment to improving the student experience. The Complete University Guide has ranked the university in the Top 10 for facilities spending, demonstrating the university's clear and significant investment in your educational experience each year. Almost all of the programs are accredited by specialist organizations. Their academic schools collaborate with a variety of government departments, educational societies, trade unions, and network associations in Hertfordshire and the rest of the country.

  1. World-Class Facilities

The university has some incredible resources that students can use during their degree, including one of the biggest Clinical Simulation Centres in the UK, a multimillion-pound Science facility, a smart systems laboratory, innovative labs, and a Law Court building. Additionally, the university is home to one of the best-equipped astronomical observatories in the United Kingdom, with seven major optical telescopes located separately, four radio telescopes, and a high-definition planetarium. This is in addition to the research spaces available in the two Learning Resource Centers.

A 25-meter swimming pool, an indoor climbing wall, and football, basketball, and hockey fields round out the sports facilities. The Athletic facilities double as a meeting ground for a variety of elite athletes and teams. As a result, students can practice alongside Olympic athletes, England squad members, or the Arsenal Women's football team. On-campus dining, cafés, retail, and a bank are all available. The University insists that everyone, regardless of their religious views, should have time, space, and opportunities to unwind, reflect and connect with their spiritual side. They founded The Key – a place for all – with this in mind. The Key is a multi-faith and multi-cultural campus centrally located on College Lane. The Key serves as both a peaceful area within the University and a location for more formal acts of worship. It features a wide circular space for meditation, meditation, and worship. Various research or debate groups convene in 'The Meeting Room'. A limited number of spiritual books, films, and newspapers are available for browsing, or you can just sit and talk or relax.

  1. All-Round Student Support

The university has a variety of programs designed to keep students as stress–free as possible. Student Wellbeing provides a variety of skilled, specialized resources to assist students who are experiencing emotional, mental health, disabilities, or health-related difficulties. Person and community counseling sessions are available, as well as seminars and an online peer support group. Both programs are provided by professional and knowledgeable professionals who use a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to ensure you receive the best possible care.

Their devoted international student support staff is comprised of experienced welfare advisers who can assist and advise you on a range of topics, including visas, work permits, and financial and personal matters. Additionally, they organize a recreational network for foreign students that involves excursions across the United Kingdom and Europe. Additionally, there is a team to assist you with financial matters, childcare is available for children under the age of 5, and a disability center that provides specialized mentoring and tuition. Additionally, there is a multi-faith Chaplaincy, a campus pharmacy, and The Student Support Centre, which provides guidance and assistance to foreign students, as well as information on grants, bursaries, and housing.

The University has a "creative Placements Team" on campus that advertises available career openings, assists students with CV or resume writing, interview tips and skills, and work applications, and teaches students how to build their trust and "actually sell their skills."

  1. Amazing Student Life

Hertfordshire University, as a campus university, has everything a student could possibly like on campus! The University of Hertfordshire is home to the Forum Hertfordshire, a 2,500-capacity entertainment center featuring the latest of live entertainment, restaurants, shopping, and dining.

The Galleria, located near the University, features a variety of famous chain restaurants where you can dine with friends. There is an on-campus bar named The EleHouse, and Weatherspoon's, one of the UK's most famous pub chains, is located only a short walk from the de Havilland Campus.

Central London is just a fast train ride south! Trains operate from early morning to late night, which ensures you can visit the numerous museums throughout the day, catch a performance in the afternoon, and end the night with a few drinks in Soho or Shoreditch! There is a great deal to do; you just have to find the time to do it all!

There are over 100 clubs and societies available for students to join, providing an excellent opportunity to do something different and make lifelong friends. Students in Hertfordshire form their own community with the assistance of the Students Union. The Salsa Society, the Live Music Society, the Baking Society, the Vietnamese Society, and the Pub Society are currently involved. Student media outlets include a radio station, a television station, and a print newspaper – all of which are written, designed, and edited by students.

  1. A Coveted Location

The University of Hertfordshire is situated in the magnificent countryside north of London, just 25 minutes by rail from the capital. The University of Hertfordshire's two Hatfield campuses are linked by a network of pathways, cycle paths, and shuttle buses. Hatfield is a town in Hertfordshire with a population of almost 30,000 inhabitants. It is home to many pubs and The Forum, a renowned student hangout spot.

Hatfield has a diverse range of restaurants and cafes to fit all preferences and dietary needs, including Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Greek, Italian, Tex-Mex, and British cuisine, as well as fast food, takeaways, gastro pubs, and coffee shops. The 'Turkish Kitchen' or 'Wetherspoons' are common choices for many students.

Ellenbrook Fields, next to the de Havilland campus, is a massive public nature reserve. The area is popular with walkers, runners, and cyclists, and serves as the location for Hatfield's weekly park run.Between the College Lane and de Havilland campuses, there are a number of retail opportunities, ranging from the farmers market to The Galleria outlet mall. It is lined with stores, an Odeon theatre, and restaurants, all of which offer student discounts. Throughout the year, they host student lock-in activities to have further savings.

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