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Study Abroad at the University of East Anglia

A Brief History and Introduction

The University of East Anglia is a world-renowned public research university situated in the west of Norwich. It was founded in 1963, and it was initially based on a Temporary University village that is positioned exactly opposite to the current day campus. It began with degree programs in English and Biological studies with about 1200 students. The university today is currently ranked amongst the best institutions for higher education in the United Kingdom.

The campus is spread across 320 acres and includes buildings, a state-of-the-art library, a healthcare center, athletic training centers, and halls. There is a lake situated on its southern edge known as Broad, which offers a stunning bird-watching site. The campus provides accommodations to students through its residence blocks and halls. Along with this, there are restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, book shops and a bank inside the premises.

The campus of UEA is famed for its natural beauty and award-winning architecture. Norwich is equally famous for its scenic spots and historical monuments. It is considered to have a perfect balance between urban and rural lifestyles with a mesmerizing mix of culture, music, arts, cafes, pubs, and more, which creates a fantastic student experience.

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The University is well connected to central Norwich and the station. Taxis, trains, and buses are widespread in the area make connectivity simple. 

The University has been split into four faculties which constitute 26 schools. Every school offers a variety of degrees in multiple disciplines of Science, Medicine, arts, humanities, and social sciences. Along with that, the Student Union at UEA has more than 200 societies that offer various fields such as music, sports, dance, arts, etc. Currently, there are more than 16000 students at UEA in graduate and postgraduate courses. The University is ranked in the top 50 universities of the world for research (according to the University Rankings 2019).

The university also has many reputed and esteemed alumni who have received recognition and achieved success in multiple fields. Notable alumni include Sir Kazuo Ishiguro (A Nobel Prize winner in literature), Gurinder Chada(Popular film director), Joanna Coles (Cosmopolitan's Editor-in-Chief), Dame Jenny Abramsky (BBC Executive), Tim Lenton (a Climate Scientist), Anil Baijal (Delhi's current Lieutenant Governor), Adam Shareef (former Defence Minister of the Maldives), Joseph Greenwell (Ex CEO of Jaguar Land Rover) and Sir Paul Nurse (an English geneticist).

Courses offered at the University of East Anglia

UEA offers about 466 courses covering numerous subjects in graduate and postgraduate programs but is mainly divided into four departments.

  1. Arts and Humanities

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities has played a very critical role in creating an early reputation for the University. They have achieved continued success, which is due to a close bond between research, innovation, and teaching. It comprises four schools of study: Art, Media, and American Studies; Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies; Literature, Drama and Creative Writing; and Politics.

  1. Medicine and Health Sciences

The School of Health Sciences faculty and Norwich Medical faculty are renowned for training exemplary and workforce-ready professionals in medicine, nursing, and a vast range of other healthcare professions. UEA is also home to some of the world's best research academics and is taking a leading role in Norwich International scientific community park at Norwich research-park, which is one of Europe's Largest research sites. Students also receive a lot of practical experience at the Norwich and Norfolk University Hospital, which is just a few minutes away.

  1. Science

The Faculty of Science at UEA offers a dynamic and demanding environment where high-quality and innovative research and teaching flourishes. They offer a wide range of courses across subjects from pharmacy to biological science. The science faculty is also an integral partner at Norwich research park, one of Europe's largest collaborative research sites that houses over 3000 scientists,80 science and technology business, and various world-class institutes.

  1. Social Sciences

There are seven schools in the Faculty of Social Sciences that work at the forefront of professional development and academic development. They have been successful in establishing a solid reputation in each of their fields. The faculty also offers a broader range of courses to choose from, which also include economic, international development, business, psychology, social work, education, and geography.

Six Reasons to study at the University of East Anglia

  1. Topflight Teaching

Students at UEA aren't just taught about what other people have done, thought, or said. They will have the opportunity to do all these things by themselves. UEA believes that by experiencing challenges of the topic, that the student would learn the best.

Several of UEA's Professors are accomplished experts, pioneering their way in different fields. The Staff of UEA are as committed as their students are with their research making ground-breaking discoveries along the way.

Studies are carried out by the most advanced research and informed by the latest thinking. Students can gain a solid foundation in their studies, and they have the chance to graduate with deep knowledge of the subject that they are pursuing.

UEA is also known to have a partnership with INTO UEA, which offers various academic courses and also English programs that are curated especially for international students

  1. Breathtaking location

The university is located in Norwich, which is considered one of the safest and most attractive cities in the UK. The city is lively with excellent food, a dynamic arts scene, and spectacular scenery. It's also famous for its twelfth-century Norman castle, famed cathedrals, and historic city walls. This is a place where technology meets nature and where new meets old. You'll find historic landmarks, cafes, bars, pubs, and various other entertainment centers just a few minutes away from the university. Norwich also offers excellent nightlife and a buzzing music scene. 

The breathtaking English countryside also surrounds it, and also it is just a short drive away from the Norfolk coast. You can also take a peaceful stroll through the rustic market towns and medieval villages. Norwich also has many museums and galleries, cinemas, theatres, and an excellent reputation for culture, being the first English UNESCO city of literature.

  1. Accommodation 

With an area as big as 320 acres, UEA isn't just an exceptional place to study; and it's also a great place to live. It's located in natural parkland, and the campus is safe, friendly, and home to a diverse community of students. The accommodations are surrounded by the breathtaking English countryside and state-of-the-art facilities, and also you get to live at the doorsteps of one of the UK's best cities, Norwich.

First-year Undergraduate students are guaranteed campus accommodations (A few conditions need to be satisfied), and also accommodation is provided for international students as well. The university provides information and advice for students who wish to live off-campus.

The campus has more than 4000 fully furnished rooms equipped with free Wi-Fi and with options that suit every budget. Students can access a wide range of campus facilities that include cafes, bars, a Library, The Sportspak, a Drama studio, a state-of-the-art fitness center, Sainsbury center, and an LCR live music venue. They also have a dentist, doctor, nursery, careers center,multi-faith center, and lots and lots of green space to relax in. The campus is designed in such a way that you have all the things you need for studying and living just a few minutes away. It also has Award-winning architecture, including the Grade II* listed Ziggurats, which is considered to have the best views on campus.

The campus also hosts film screenings, music festivals, and other events that make you feel at home. UEA campus has a strong sense of community that contributes and enjoys a friendly cultural and social scene.

  1. A friendly and fair community

For any student, starting life in a new city, state or country can be daunting to handle, and UEA is one institution that understands this and has created a program called UEA Friends Buddy Scheme, which explicitly helps international students get settled on the campus. Student volunteers help new students by sharing knowledge about the campus and the surrounding areas, answering and advising students on places to eat, shop, and much more.

It's also an innovative way to make international friends and find out about events that are happening in the UEA and also in Norwich.

ISTA (International Student Advisory Team) also provides information, advice, and support to every international student and their family throughout their time at UEA.

All of the valuable and practical details about obtaining a visa, traveling to the campus and Norwich will be provided by a pre-departure guide. The Student Advice team will conduct various orientation programs, events, and also offers the opportunity to apply for a UK buddy through the UEA Friends scheme in a bid to help students settle into university life. There are also various programs on social events and trips across the year. Every international student is kept up to date about important events and advice throughout the international student email list. They also maintain very close connections with the Home office and the British Embassy to ensure that every concern and need of UEA's international student community is well represented and documented.

UEA is very passionate about creating a fair and equal atmosphere for both study and work. It's currently working towards the Athene Swan Bronze Award and is an integral part of this work. The self-assessment team of the school regularly convenes to consider diversity, equality, and inclusion issues that affect both students and staff and work to develop measured objectives, robust policies, and consequential actions to support the achievement of those objectives. Any member of the school, student, or staff can raise a diversity or equality issue or inquiry as they are welcome to contact the Athena Swan lead.

  1. Scholarships and funding

UEQ welcomes hundreds of international students every year. The university promptly recognizes that this decision comes at a substantial financial cost. Hence the University offers a vast number of scholarships and insightful information on fees and funding, which are made specifically for international students so that they can cover the cost of studies.

Scholarships at the Undergraduate levels are designed to reward high-achieving applicants and those who show the desired potential. Country-specific scholarships are also available, alongside externally funded scholarships such as Marshall and Chevening Scholarships, which are some of the postgraduate scholarships available to international students.

The relevant information about fees, travel, visa, IELTS, accommodation, scholarships, and more can be found on the UEA website. The UEA admissions team and extremely friendly and address any query that you may have.

  1. Alumni network

The UEA experience doesn't end on the day of graduation. One of the key highlights of UEA experience and educations that spans a lifetime is that once you've finished, you get to join an expansive, worldwide network of distinguished, eminent, and esteemed alumni.

UEA will continue to support you no matter what you decide to do-either continue higher studies or immediately begin to find a way to a meaningful career. This is something that is hard to find anywhere across the world and is invaluable.

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