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Study Abroad at Royal Holloway, University of London

Named among the best universities in London, the Royal Holloway, University of London, is a public research institute that is highly popular among the students. With a history that dates to as back as 1849, Royal Holloway is the result of culmination of two colleges, Bedford College and the Royal Holloway College. These two institutes were among the first ones in England where women could gain access to higher education. It was in the year 1900 that these two colleges merged with the University of London and then finally in 1985, it merged to what we call Royal Holloway today. Almost two centuries later today, the institute has come to be known as a university that produces the best professionals and graduates. Every year, a high number of students from all around the globe apply to this coveted institute to gain quality education.

The university has a global appeal and attracts students from all parts of the world. It has established solid links and exchange programs with a high number of institutions in Australia, Canada, United States, Hong Kong, and many more. The university boasts ground-breaking and historic discoveries, highly notable alumni, and constant academic innovation. The USP of the university is the quality of education that it has always imparted to all its students. With a long list of milestones achieved by the alumni of the institute, a great infrastructure, and quality education, it is no surprise that the international pool of students have this institute on their priority.

Courses offered:

At Royal Holloway, the students can find a wide variety of academic degree programs. These programs include Joint Honors and Single Honors programs, and other types of courses. This proves to be a huge benefit for the students who are not sure about which subject or discipline they wish to pursue. This wide range gives them the luxury of choice and allows them some time to make the decision. Moreover, it is no secret that the number of courses offered at a university goes on to play a major role in shaping the student population. With a high number of courses offered across diverse disciplines and subject areas, Royal Holloway has a diverse student body as well.

Royal Holloway Assignment Help

All these courses follow a pedagogy and curriculum that has been carefully designed in order to make sure that the students get more than classroom and conventional education. Some of the major subject areas that the university covers include Biomedical Sciences, Computer Science, Business and Management, Accounting and Finance, Economics, Geology, Geography, Law, History, Electronic Engineering, Criminology and Psychology, Film, Television, Finance, Creative Writing, Digital Marketing, Forensic Psychology, Project Management, Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Production.

These courses and subjects are offered through different schools, departments, and faculties. There are as many as 20 departments in the university and three faculties. These faculties are:

  • Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Management, Economics, and Law

Reasons for international students to attend the Royal Holloway, University of London

It is widely known that the United Kingdom is one of the most popular study destinations in the entire world. This amazing appeal among the students all over the globe is because the country is home to some of the finest institutions on the face of the Earth. As tempting as this high number of great colleges seems, it makes the process of choosing a good college quite difficult.

Deciding where to attend college is not an easy decision. In fact, it is one of the most difficult and definitely the most important decisions that an individual makes in their academic life. All the opportunities that an individual gets in their life after college are primarily shaped by the college that they go to. Therefore, no student can commit the mistake of taking this decision lightly. There are a lot of fears, apprehensions involved. Every student wants to be absolutely sure before they finally apply to a college and take admission.

Moreover, this decision is more difficult for the international students as compared to the local ones. The local students are obviously at an advantage because of having been born and living in the same country. They obviously have more information than the international students.

But when it comes to Royal Holloway, University of London, you are not required to make an effort to look for reasons. There are more than enough reasons for the international students to attend this highly prestigious institute.
Here are some of the reasons:

  1. A highly diverse student population

Royal Holloway is an institute with a reputation for academic excellence. Because of this excellence, the university has come about to be home to a truly diverse and international student community. If you are an international student looking to study at the Royal Holloway, it would really helpful for you to know that as you land on this university’s campus, you become the part of a truly welcoming space. There are as many as approximately twelve thousand students who call this university home. Out of these, as many as one-third are international students from 165 countries from all around the world.
This diverse population is highly beneficial to the students, especially the international ones. When you leave your home country behind and travel to a new one altogether, one of the biggest concerns is that of not being able to feel at home or welcome. It is even possible and usual to have a sense of fear when you travel to a new country. Therefore, this diverse student community comes in handy as it allows you to settle in as soon as possible. It allows you to meet people with common experiences and make friends so that you can get comfortable and focus on your studies. 

  1. High-quality research

If you are a student who want to go ahead on the path of research and conduct some world-changing work, Royal Holloway is the perfect place for you. The university is widely known for offering world-class research opportunities to the students. As per the most recent Research Excellence Framework, this coveted university lies within the top 25 percent of universities in the United Kingdom in terms of its research. The research conducted at the Royal Holloway has been classified as ‘world-leading’ and ‘internationally excellent’. As much as 30 percent of the research that the university conducts is regarded as of the highest category. In addition to this, the framework ranked many of the departments of the university among the top five highest scoring ones in UK for their respective subject. When you study at Royal Holloway, you get the opportunity to learn at the hands of world-renowned experts and conduct some ground-breaking research or contribute to the process. This is one of the reasons why it is so popular among the students in UK and also abroad. With such a highly intensive research environment, Royal Holloway is one of the best places to study for the students who wish to continue on the path of research.

  1. Great Rankings

Rankings play a huge part in the process of a student deciding which colleges to apply to and which ones to attend. It is never easy for the students to decide which colleges to apply to. Rankings prove to be a huge help in such a situation. Royal Holloway satisfies all kinds of expectations in this regard. It is regarded as a quality institute not just in the United Kingdom but internationally. The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2019 ranked the Royall Holloway University of London among the top 25 universities in the United Kingdom. With this rank, the university becomes the fourth highest performing London university. The Times Higher Education ranked the university among the top 300 universities in the world. These rankings prove to be a major reason why so many students from across the world apply to this coveted institute. When a student looks at these high rankings, it instills a huge amount of confidence in them. It works as an assurance that the university imparts top quality education to all the students. In addition to all of this, it never hurts to study in a college or university which has a lot of prestige associated with its name.

  1. A very high employability rate

The employability rate of a college or university is another factor that proves to be one of the highest influences over the decisions of the students. Studying abroad is a huge investment. When it comes to the students coming from parts of the world like Asia, studying in UK proves to be an even bigger investment because of the difference in currency strengths. With such high costs involved, no student, irrespective of where they are from, would want to land up in an institute that does not offer decent prospects of employment. It has become extremely important for the students to research about the employment opportunities they would have with a degree that a particular college offers. If you are looking to study at the Royal Holloway, it would really help for you to know that as many as 91 percent of the graduates of this university are employed or enrolled in further education within just six months of their graduation. The students can avail career guidance and support which is readily available. The careers group at the university is one of the largest and most comprehensive ones in all of United Kingdom. With such a high employability rate, it is no surprise that the university is a hotbed of international students.

  1. An amazing student life

Life of a student is synonymous with high pressure. The students around the world always work while juggling between deadlines, submissions, and late nights. With such a strict schedule, there are bound to be times when the students wish to relax. At the Royal Holloway, there are more than enough opportunities for this. The university is home to a high number of student clubs and societies. These clubs and societies cover interest ranging from music, science, rugby, and even opera. Irrespective of where you come from and what your interests are, you will surely find something that caters to your interests. What these student clubs and societies do is give you the chance to mingle and bond with your peers at the university. This proves to extremely helpful for the international students as it places them in the perfect setting to make friends and get to know their fellow students on the campus. There are abundant student media opportunities as well that the students avail for fun or if they are pursuing journalism or media. In addition, there are state-of-the-art sports facilities available on campus to allow the students to pursue their interest on the campus as well.

  1. World-Class Facilities

The resources and facilities that a student has at their disposal prove to be a highly influential factor on the overall development. At the Royal Holloway, University of London, the students get access to world-class opportunities and facilities. The university has always been dedicated to providing more than classroom education to the students. It has made all efforts to ensure that the students get to work and enjoy access to state-of-the-art facilities. Some of the facilities that the students get access to at this university include a modern theatre lecture complex called the Windsor Building, great academic spaces, great academic halls of residence, the Founder’s building, and all the other amenities that any student can expect from a truly world-class university. In addition to this, the university has a dedicated Student Services Centre, which caters to different needs of the students and provides them support whenever they need it. When an international student leaves their home country behind, it is obviously in the hope of studying at a world-class university with amazing amenities and resources. At the Royal Holloway, University of London, you get to do just that and develop into all-rounder individual who can stand the test of time and market in their professional career.

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