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Study abroad at Kingston University, UK

Located in the Royal Borough of Kingston beside Thames, London. Kingston University is a renowned public research university. The university was founded at the dusk of the 19th century, i.e. in the year 1899 as the Kingston Technical Institute. It was thirteen years later that it was granted the university status. Thus, the university has roots that date as back as 120 years and ever since its establishment, the institute’s prestige has increased steadily. With an enrolment of approximately as many as 19 thousand students, the university is a really popular one among the students all around the country and even abroad.

Kingston university is known for the kind of research opportunities that it provides to the students who study there. Moreover, it is known to prepare the students to face the challenges that the market and the professional world put in front of them. With specializations in various subjects and disciplines such as arts, fashion, design, engineering, science, and business, Kingston University appeals to students of all interests and from different areas. The university has four different campuses in the country. These are located in Kingston and Roehampton. The Penrhyn Road campus is the main campus of the university. This one is located close to the Kingston town center.

Kingston University University Assignment Help

Every year, the university receives a huge number of applications from the students of the country and from abroad as well. One of the major reasons for this is the quality of education that it imparts to the students. With the growing appeal that the institute has among the students, it is only likely that the number of applications will increase in the years to come.

Courses offered:

As already mentioned above, Kingston University is appealing to students of different interests and choices. The reason behind this is the wide range of courses that it offers to the students. There are four faculties that the university offers courses from. These faculties are further divided into schools across the four campuses of the university. As a whole. Kingston University offers hundreds of courses across disciplines and subjects. There are foundation courses, undergraduate courses, postgraduate programs, research courses, and even short term courses available for the students to choose from. The four faculties that the university offers courses across are:

  • Faculty of Art
  • Faculty of Business and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Science, Engineering, and Computing
  • Faculty of Health, Social Care, and Education

The Kingston School of Art offers courses in various disciplines ranging from design, art, architecture, Philosophy, Journalism, Media, Writing, Dance, and many more. This school is the only one at Kingston that spans across three campuses. The institute is known for having created an environment where the students and teachers come together to share their ideas and discuss them.

The Faculty of Business and Social Sciences offers courses for the students at all levels. It is composed of the Kingston Business School, School of Law, Social and Behavioral Sciences. The Business School is divided into four departments and offers a number of courses for the students to choose from.
The Faculty of Health, Social Care, and Education runs in a partnership between Kingston University and St. George’s, University of London. This faculty is located in the campus on Kingston Hill beside Thames and the St. George’s Hospital in Tooting. The School of Education was added to the faculty in the year 2012.
The Faculty of Science, Engineering, and Computing is located at the Roehampton Vale Campus and offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Besides these faculties, the Kingston School of Art also runs a number of research centres. These are listed below:

  • Colour Design Research centre
  • Screen Design Research Centre
  • Curating Contemporary Design Research Group
  • Fire, Explosion, and Fluid Dynamics
  • Fashion Industry Research Centre
  • Contemporary Art Research Centre
  • Modern Interiors Research Design
  • Sustainable Design Research Centre
  • Real Estate Research Group
  • Centre for the Contemporary Visual and Material Culture

The Kingston University also runs the Dorich House Museum.

Reasons for international students to choose Kingston University

Deciding or choosing where to attend college is never easy. It is quite known that the decisions like what course to pursue, which discipline to opt for, and several other decisions like these are really important for the students. In fact, the smallest of these decisions can go on to decide the entire pathway of future for the students. Moreover, the process that one has to go through while taking these decisions can yield a huge amount of stress and confusion. Quality education is highly important for students around the world. The professional world poses innumerable challenges in front of the new graduates today. It is no secret that the business world and market is becoming more and more stressful and there is no place for people with average skills and capabilities. As a result of this, it has become imperative that the students avail quality education for themselves and come out ready to face all the challenges. Hence, the decision of choosing where to attend college has become even more important.

For international students, this decision is even more difficult. Because of being from a different land altogether, they are obviously not very well-versed with the information about the college that they are planning to attend in comparison to a local student.

Anyway, when it comes to Kingston University, you do not need to look out for reasons to attend this institute. Here are some of the reasons why international students may choose Kingston University:

  1. Innovative Learning opportunities

The programs at Kingston University have been designed and created in order to prepare individuals for successful careers. The teaching and learning methods are coupled with deep industry insights and some great research opportunities. Besides, the university provides all facilities for activities like writing, conducting research, and many more. There are abundant learning resources available for the students along with several research centres. The university is known for its academic excellence and innovative teaching methods. The institute maintains that their aim is not just to make the students sit in the classrooms but to prepare them for the life that they will lead in the future. The specialist learning facilities that the universities houses like the trading room and flight stimulator, a built-in hospital ward, and music recording studio offers the students a chance to practice their skills and improve on them.

  1. High employability

As already mentioned above, the education and teaching methods at Kingston University are not limited to just classroom education. Instead, the degrees and the programs that the students pursue prepare them for their future. These programs are designed to equip you with skills that the employers around the world are looking for. The teaching methods are highly career-focused. Moreover, Kingston offers real-world teaching environments, placement opportunities, student mentoring, and several other opportunities that are more or less unparalleled. As a result, the graduates of Kingston University gain an advantage over their peers as they graduate and lead successful careers. The employability of the graduates of Kingston University is really high. If one looks at the alumni record, it is evident that having a degree from Kingston can open doors in the market and help the students access unlimited opportunities. The programs provide you real professional knowledge and practical learning. At Kingston, you do not just get the facts and theories, you gain skills and also learn how to use the latest insights. Moreover, you also get access to live projects and learn how to showcase your skills.

  1. A great environment for startups

One interesting fact about Kingston University is that it is the top university in the entire country for graduate business startups. Moreover, the university has achieved this tag for the sixth year in a row. This further goes on to vindicate the fact that the university does not believe in just classroom education. Therefore, if you are someone who wishes not to work for someone else but establish something of your own, then Kingston University has the best environment to offer to you. The university is known for helping all the alumni with entrepreneurial spirit kick off their companies. In these times when the markets are getting tougher and tougher, studying in a university that offers such an important service to you is nothing short of a boon. Self employment is becoming a really popular career choice for more and more people completing higher degrees. If you are one such student, then know that Kingston University will help you and assist you in making your dreams come true. The alumni of Kingston University have proven to be successful in their startups and ventures.

Prospects for international students

It is no secret that the experiences of an international student are quite different from those of a local student when they land at a university. Besides the experiences, the expectations are also different. While a local student, after landing up at a university, would look for quality education and facilities, an international student would initially look for acceptability, inclusion, and diversity of campus. Moreover, the prospects can be different for local and international students as well. This can be resorted to the smallest of arrangements at the university. However, when you choose Kingston University, you need not worry about this. The university has made efforts to make sure that the international students who choose Kingston enjoy as good prospects as the local students.

  1. Great diversity and inclusion

One of the biggest reasons why the students from across the world enjoy great prospects at Kingston University is the high diversity and inclusion that the institute has to offer. At Kingston, the student population is composed of students from various ethnicities, ages, and countries. The diversity at the Kingston University can be estimated by the fact that out of the 19 thousand students that call Kingston home, 5000 are from abroad. As a result, the student population at Kingston University is composed of students from as many as 140 countries. Thus, when you take admission at Kingston University, you get to spend the formative years of your life with a great mix of people from many cultures and walks of life. For an international student, this is way more important than a local student. Such a huge diversity at the institute makes the international students feel at home. They find it easier to settle in and make the best of their college lives.

  1. Dedicated Student Support

As already mentioned, the experiences of the international students are different from the local ones. Moreover, the international students land up in another country with some inherent fears and confusions. Therefore, it becomes really important that institute that they choose provides them support in various fields and make them feel comfortable on campus. Kingston University has made efforts to make sure of this. All the students at Kingston University receive highly dedicated health, financial, wellbeing, and academic support from the institute. This has been done by the university to make sure that the students can make the most of their time on campus. The students can avail the support services on various topics and issues. If you need support for any issue ranging from money, student welfare to accommodation and even healthcare, the university is there for you.

  1. A great location

When a student leaves their country and travel to someplace else to study for a number of years, it is obvious that they would want to visit around and enjoy their stay in the country. At Kingston, you get this opportunity right from the very first day. Besides the four campuses that the university has, it also offers wide green spaces with a beautiful riverside along with great shopping, food, entertainment, and much more opportunities. Moreover, when you are at Kingston, you are only 30 minutes away from London; and it is no secret that London has everything to offer that anyone would wish for. This includes fun, career, and study opportunities, and everything else. Thus, the location of Kingston University provides you an edge and helps you enjoy your college life.

With all these facilities and resources that Kingston University has to offer, it is only natural that it receives such a high number of international applications. If you are a student looking to study in UK, apply today.

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